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What is a Neighborhood Union?

At OCCORD, we envision neighborhood unions as dynamic grassroots entities that mirror the structure and solidarity of labor unions but operate on a community level. These unions are comprised of residents deeply connected to their neighborhood, possessing invaluable insight into its challenges and aspirations. 

In Anaheim alone, we’ve facilitated the establishment of three operational neighborhood unions: Union De Vecinos De Pauline St, Madres en Acción Ponderosa, & Vecinos Unidos de Guinida, with plans for further expansion.  (Photos Coming Soon)

Through these unions, we offer workshops on tenants’ rights and keep members informed about pertinent regional laws. Moreover, we facilitate connections with legal support organizations when needed. What sets neighborhood unions apart is their holistic approach—they address a spectrum of community needs beyond housing, including environmental concerns, public safety, and urban development. This breadth enables collaborative efforts across various fronts, fostering a more resilient and empowered community.

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