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Growing Together explains how Community Land Trusts and Community Benefits Agreements can help address problems like poverty, unaffordable housing, and a lack of community space in Santa Ana.
This report by OCCORD shows that although economic growth in Orange County is strong, its benefits are uneven. Growing economic inequality, the high cost of housing, and low-wage jobs make it difficult for many working people, youth, and seniors to thrive.
This report provides policy analysis of Measures L and M on Anaheim’s 2014 ballot, which established district elections for the city council and expanded the number of city council members. 
The heart of Santa Ana is healthy families and strong economies through participation. The Santa Ana Sunshine Ordinance will foster a culture of decision making in which citizens and leaders share responsibility for addressing issues of common interest.
The Rubber Stamp Process report details structural flaws in the local planning processes in Anaheim and Santa Ana that favor special interests over local residents.
Using data from a survey of 524 families three Anaheim neighborhoods, this report found profound disparities between the three neighborhoods and the rest of Orange County. Economic insecurity systematically undermines safety and community health for working families in Anaheim.
The crisis of working poverty threatens the stability of our region and affects everyone who lives or works in our community. We must all take leadership to address this shared challenge.
A study by OCCORD on the impact of economic decline in Orange County, California
Written by neighborhood leaders and organizational stakeholders, this community plan utilizes a foundation of smart growth principles to integrate the community’s perspectives and priorities into Anaheim’s proposed Platinum Triangle process.

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