Working Hard for You

Our Staff

Ely Flores
Before OCCORD, Ely was the California Director of Civic Engagement for NALEO Educational Fund. Through his career, he has led youth and community development programs in local, state, and international settings, including renewable energy and political campaigns. He provides the resources, support, and partnerships necessary to bring about the change our communities want to see in the world, while providing support to his amazing & passionate staff . He is passionate about his faith in Christ, his children and family, and his personal growth through exercise and healthy eating. You can probably catch Ely running or doing any outdoor activities. 
Marisol Ramirez
Marisol was born and raised in West Anaheim. She began her involvement in community advocacy as a senior in high school to address the needs of under-resourced neighborhoods like the ones she was raised in. This led to the several campaigns she worked on in Anaheim tackling issues on housing, tenants rights, good jobs, policy education and voter registration. As former staff of OCCORD, Marisol served as a Community Organizer from 2014-2017 and was recognized as “The People’s Organizer” in 2016 by the OC Weekly. She also served on the Board of Directors leading as the only community and youth representative voice for the organization at the time. She rejoined OCCORD in a new role as Director of Programs early Fall of 2021. Marisol also serves as Chair of Board of Directors at Latino Health Access and is the current President of the Anaheim Democratic Club.
Rosaisela López Cienfuegos
Rosaisela has a background working as a Union Organizer with Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees (Unite HERE Local 11). She learned about OCCORD in 2006 while working at the Offices of Unite HERE Local 11, where she began as a volunteer. Starting off as a Community Organizer, she is now serves as our Citizenship Lead Coordinator. If you are ever invited to her house, make sure to bring Aguachile (camarones) y ceviche de pescado!
Quelin (Kelly) Querijero-
A former Administrative Assistant at Saint Matthew Church in Orange, Kelly joined OCCORD in 2021. However, she has volunteered with OCCORD since 2005! She is proud to empower people through Citizenship, so that they can vote and elect representatives who work for the common good in our communities. In three words, she describes herself as “Dedicated, Enthusiastic and Gorgeous.” She loves gardening and going to church with her family.
Abigail Espinosa-
Abigail Espinosa is OCCORD’s Operations Coordinator. She joined our team in 2015 to help contribute to a positive change in her community, especially those who are targeted, marginalized and oppressed. In addition to her goal of pushing for a positive impact, her priority is to set an example for her son. To show him that he is part of this community too; that he has the support and ability to make a difference too. Outside of OCCORD, Abi enjoys cooking, reading, advocating for mental health wellness, sewing, playing volleyball, breaking the cycles of intergenerational trauma, hiking, exploring new foods and new places as well as spending time with her son.
Daisy Garcia-
Before working for OCCORD, Daisy was a Hotline Operator/Civic Engagement/ Directory Verification Assistant NALEO Educational Fund, in LA from 2019 – 2021. She assisted individuals and partners with basic non-legal information and local referrals pertaining to Citizenship, Voter Engagement, and Administrative Relief. Now as an Organizational Assistant/ Administration she performs clerical work, assist in phone calls and sorting / distributing mail, organizational and administrative tasks, assisting all departments. She keeps our team alive and sane!
Mariana Angeles-
Mariana’s experience volunteering for the community dates back to when she was cleaning houses. She heard about OCCORD around 2007 when the Platinum Triangle Campaign started, and she began her journey with OCCORD during 2020/21, helping Latinos register for COVID-19 and get vaccinated. Mariana now works with OCCORD helping community members recognize their power, and using their voice to enact change! She is also a fan of Santa Ana delicious street tacos.
Gustavo Castillo-
Recent college graduate, Gustavo, graduated with a degree in Communications specializing in multimedia journalism . His mother is Mexican-American & his father is an immigrant from Guatemala. Gustavo’s drive comes from his parents inability to go to college and so he wants to empower other Latino first-generation students by making them actively aware of their voice and power to disrupt systems that don’t support brown lives.
Angeles Ochoa Carmona-
Angeles recently graduated from UCLA, where, as a 4th-year student in the Luskin School of Public Affairs, she interned with a non-profit in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Her work focused on underrepresented, low-income residents in mobile home parks, involving outreach and research in renewable energy infrastructure. This effort resulted in a comprehensive 50-page policy report advocating for the inclusion of mobile home parks in California’s transition plans to a more sustainable future. As a woman of color from Santa Ana, Angeles has witnessed and experienced various forms of oppression, motivating her to contribute to breaking cycles of oppression and marginalization in communities. Angeles is passionate about film, television, and digital media, having minored in FTVDM at UCLA. She enjoys exploring the behind-the-scenes aspects of films and writing screenplays in her free time. The rewarding aspect of her work lies in knowing that she is helping improve people’s lives.
Asha Starks
Asha Starks transitioned to OCCORD from her role as a reproductive justice community organizer, focusing on amplifying the voices of Black queer, trans, and gender-expansive individuals. Frustrated with Orange County’s status quo, Starks is driven to contribute to positive social change in her hometown.. Recognizing the flaws within her community, Asha is determined to play a part in rectification. Outside of work, she finds joy in various realms, from the cultivation to consumption of food, to connecting with nature, enjoying live music, cooking, and finding solace in playful activities. Describing herself as a multifaceted entity, Asha’s culinary delights range from Ensenada-style fish tacos to buss up shut and fish and grits.
Ivone Peña
Ivon’s journey to OCCORD stems from a deep commitment to community empowerment and representation. Previously serving as a Civic Engagement Grants and Administrative Coordinator at NALEO Educational Fund, Ivon was drawn to OCCORD’s mission of amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities in Santa Ana and Anaheim. Inspired by the belief that our communities deserve equitable representation and a place at the decision-making table, Ivon was eager to contribute to OCCORD’s leadership development initiatives and civic engagement efforts. Her introduction to OCCORD came through her previous employer’s involvement in Citizenship application services and the organization’s renowned Citizenship Fairs. Ivon’s passion for social justice is reflected in her favorite book, “This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color.” Outside of work, Ivon remains dedicated to community service and cherishing moments with her family.